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Thirsty for detailed BBS information?

All men by nature desire knowledge (Aristotle)...

There are a variety of aspects to Behavior-Based or Behavioral Safety. The publications in this section either show the rich array of applications possible or expand on particular features.


A Case Study about ICI Autocolors - This article outlines the BBS process used to improve safety behavior by 32%, while also reducing incident rates by 40% within One year.

A Math Primer on Behavioral Safety - This technical article is designed to demonstrate in the simplest of terms that the efforts to improve safety by displacing unsafe behaviors with safe behaviors are supported by math fundamentals .

Behavior Based Safety: Improvement Opportunities in Hospital Safety - This article outlines how BBS processes can be applied to hospital settings to improve staff and patient safety.

Behavior Based Safety Still a Viable Strategy - This article examines the evidence surrounding US union claims about Behavior Based Safety.

Behavioral Approaches to Improve Production - This article examines the failures of TQM and shows how a behavioral approach may help.

Behavioral Safety Interventions: A Review of Process Design factors - This article presents the results of a statistical meta-analysis of published Behavior-Based Safety studies in an attempt to identify the optimum design of a BBS process.

Behavioral Safety Leadership - Written for Planning & Building Control Today in Jan 2015, this articles outlines how two complementary behavioural safety leadership approaches can be used to address serious injuries and fatalities.

Behavioural Safety: Reducing workplace accidents With a contribution by IOSH, this is a free copy of our January 2015 e-book outlining different approaches to Behavioural Safety.

Behavioural Safety: The Current Position - Written in 1999, this article outlines issues related to the application of BBS that are still relevant today.

Behavioural Safety: reducing workplace accidents NEW in 2015: A free e-book outlining the different approaches to BBS

Behavioral Safety Applied to a Maintenance Shutdown -Discusses issues related to implementing Behavioral Safety on short term maintenance projects

Decreasing Patient Wait Times - This case study shows how patient waiting time was reduced from 2-3 hours to less than 30 minutes.

Documented Business Benefits of BBS Processes - View the proven business benefits of BBS applications that your organization could achieve.

Exploratory Analysis of the Safety Climate and Safety Behavior Relationship - This case study shows the relationship of safety survey topics to actual safety behavior. The Importance of Safety Training was the only topic shown to be predicitve of people's safety behavior 'on-the-ground' on two occassions, 12 months apart.

Impact of Managerial Commitment on Employee Safety Behavior - This study shows the impact of senior, middle and front-line managers commitment to safety on employee safety behavior, where Lost-time incidents reduced by 82% and minor injuries by 35% in the first year

Implementing the Behavioural Approach: A Practical Guide - Winner of the Peter Wickens Award from IOSH, this article outlines how to introduce and run a Behavioral Safety process.

Improving Construction Safety with Behavioural Safety - This article reports on the results of a British HSE funded study into Behavior-Based Safety in the UK construction industry.

Improving Emergency Department Patient Satisfaction - this study outlines how an increase in staff-patient communication led to increased service satisfaction. 

Inspiring safe construction - This article, written for Planning & Building Control Today in 2014, outlines how behavioural safety can be used to address serious injuries and fatalities in the construction industry. 

Managerial Support and Feedback Consequences on Behavioral Safety Maintenance - This study examines the impact on the Percent Safe score of managerial commitment in a paper mill. Behavior improved by 45 percentage points, while incidents reduced by 45% in 12 months.

Mitigating the Adverse Impact of Workplace Stressors with Behavioural Safety - This article explores how Behavioural Safety can mitigate the impact of workplace stress before it becomes a problem and rehabilitation is required.

Optimising Behavioural Performance - This article explores how a behavioural approach can be used to maximise performance and increase the return on investment .

Preventing Back Injuries in Hospital Settings - this study examines the use of behavioral modelling on safe patient lifting by nurses and demonstrated the importance of feedback.

Promoting Quality Care Practices in an Intensive Care Unit - This study shows how a organizational behavior management (OBM) approach reduced methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) by 70 percent in two intensive care units within 26 weeks.

Reducing accidents with goal-setting and feedback - Presents a Behavioral Safety study from a Cellophane factory where lost-time incidents reduced by 82 percent and a 55 percent reduction in minor injuries within 16 weeks of going 'live'.

Return on Investment of Behavior-Based Safety - building on an analysis of Behavior-Based Safety design factors (see above), this article presents the Return on Investment of the design factors in combination. One combination returns $1.6 million, per 200K hours worked, while another loses $2 million!

Safety and the bottom-line - presents the business case for safety drawing from a multitude of sources, including Behavioral Safety.

Safety Leadership in Construction. - presents a Behavioral Safety case study that achieved 121 million manhours without a lost-time incident, with Safety Leadership explaining 86% of the improvement in employee safety behavior

Strengthening Safety Leadership. - Written for Adjacent Government, in August 2014, this article presents an overview of safety leadership and its impact on safety performance.

Successfully Implementing a Behavioral-Safety Process - presents a case study from a successful Behavioral Safety implementation in petrochemicals

The Role of Managerial Commitment in Behavior-Based Safety - Presents the findings of research on managerial commitment and the success of Behavior-Based Safety in the construction industry.

Using Behavioral Safety to Create a Proactive Safety Culture - Presents the results of two Behavioral Safety case studies in Chemical manufacturing and outlines the implementation steps.